Phantom Nerd

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We ain’t backing down.
Without a fight…
god damn my finger hurts.
And it only took like 10 minutes.

Its worth my time to draw this adorkable dweeb
Don’t we all?
Some doodles I did :P


"It’s almost as if nickelodeon forgot about Danny Phantom completely."

No kidding 3
He was like my imaginary boyfriend as a kid ;~;


wait can someone tell me if danny phantom is on netflix?

Not anymore ; 0 ;


I just really like that dress. I had to draw it at some point. And it didn’t really feel complete without Danny and Tucker there too. The background is pretty much non-existent though hah


The ghouls be like “F@ck your happy ass show…”

So I screenshotted this gif of Amorpho turning into Danny “Phantom”. AmorphoFenton appeared.

Or Homestuck Fenton.
But um.