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some old dabbys
Evil Danny and Carrie? 

I have no clue, just needed to draw something pfft. 
Used a few pics for references, ugh
But I like how Carrie came out though.
Danny…eh, a bit wonky, but alright I guess~ 

Hope ya like it~ :3
Some memoirs from the show~ :3
Its cheaply I know |D
I regret nothing 
//I think I posted this already but whatevaz |D

I thought I draw out my top favorite couples of all time. First up we have Delsa. Ever since I thought of this pairing, I was kinda afraid to show it. Mostly I see Elsa being single. Funny thing is, Danny is the only one I see with Elsa. Anyone else is a big no. (Except maybe Kristoff. ^^; ) And yes, I always make sure he is close to her age when I write the stories. I have to thank those who have started loving this pairing. I really appreciate it. :3 So yeah…more of my fav couples coming up!
The only thing I like is the rainbows because colors are pretty

danny phantpm tokyo ghoul crossover



My very first attempt at using emofuri !!! Very neat and relatively simple once you get the hang of it !!!! I’m so excited think of all the sidebar images !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jack, what the hell. i can even hear danny get slammed against that pane. get ur shit together dad, like 

im calling the police